Canon In D Violin Solo

Canon In D Violin Solo
Canon in D
Violin solo
Eugenie Chung 鍾慈慧
Line id: chungmingwai

Hi guys, im from Hong Kong. This video was recorded on iPhone4. I still dont know how to make the sound of recording better. Please feel free to tell me how to do so.


  1. Amazing cover! Nice use of vibrato as well! I have my own version on my channel as well just a shortened version 🙂

  2. You don’t need to learn how to
    Make the sound better because you already did it sounds awesome! I play the violin too and I always wanted to play this songs but my teacher said that it was hard for me. Your so lucky that you can play this song( btw your to pretty 😊)

  3. Your music fas fabulous and great and I love that song I wish I had a violin to but good luck and enjoy your songs😘😳

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