Classical Violin Dubstep

Classical Violin Dubstep
KalawaDBSTP – Hibernum feat. Kim Eifert

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  1. At the beginning, it looks like it’s from Lindsey Stirling… The way of
    playing I mean. It’s just a bit slower.

  2. I listened to many times Crystallize or Elements from Lindsey. It’s a
    little bit mirrored but we can heard sommes diferences.

  3. I don’t see any similarities of Lindsey Stirling’s music in there . Each
    artist has their own unique style of music , it’s their originality which
    makes them perfect .

  4. You guys are really stupid. Just because there is a violin and more dubstep
    doesn’t mean it’s just a remix of Lindsey Stirlings stuff. Don’t hate
    because you hear SOME similarities.

  5. I hear elements of both Lindsey Stirling and Maluka in this. Get this
    person to do a Colab with those two women, and we will have an amazing

  6. So many people claiming this to be copying Lindsey Stirling but none of
    these idiots has actually looked at a date, this was uploaded more than a
    year before anything from Lindsey that even resembles this at all, get your
    facts before you call out this amazing work.

  7. You guys do realise that this was made BEFORE Linsey Stirling made her own
    violin dubstep…If anything Linsey is ripping off Kalawa Recording not the
    other way round.

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