Elve’s Dance By Jenkinson Violin Solo

Elve’s Dance By Jenkinson Violin Solo
Samantha’s debut solo recital October 15, 2011…Elve’s Dance by Jenkinson from Barbara Barber Solos for Young Violinists book 1. This was her second to last piece to play and she said her arm was very tired…2 years of violin study with Karen Khanagov. Enjoy!! (The bow stroke used throughout is sautille(her bow hand thumb isn’t quite bent so don’t mimick her bow thumb!))


  1. @BachBrasileirasNo5 Hey BachBrasil…thanks for comment and for visiting our channel…I checked yours and see you are interested in amateur flute and violin…I think you will find that here! We are just students who love music…my kids and Ilook forward to seeing more of your music too!

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