Genesis For Violin Solo

Genesis For Violin Solo
*Genesis for Solo Violin. #Violin & Composer: Stepan Grytsay ♫▼Download the MP3 of this song here: Please Like, Comment & Share!!!◄SUBSCRIBE:
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*This song is dedicated to Michael from Montreal, Canada.
Thank you Michael for your support 🙂
Argentina 08/10/2011

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  1. I love all your videos, but I think this one is my all time favorite! I
    can’t believe you wrote this yourself. It’s unbelievable. It’s like no
    other piece. When are you going to publish your compositions? I would love
    to buy sheet music. You have such an incredible gift for playing and
    composition! I’m sure you a have an illustrious future in composing,
    whether it be soundtrack or just for your own use. I’ll always be a fan.

  2. I think you should consider adding and composing a guitar or cello
    accompaniment to this song to emphasize the story/narrative feel to the
    music. I love that you can follow the music and know when there is rising
    action in it, just begging for you to hold your breath until the last
    haunting note is released. It feels like you are telling a story, so I
    think moments like those long notes between parts would benefit from having
    some powerful harmonies from an accompaniment.

    I do not play violin, so I am just coming from an inexperienced and
    wide-eyed point of view, but I am still quite certain that the masterpiece
    that I have just witnessed is . . . I’m having trouble expressing it in
    words. Thank you. I look forward to listening to the rest of your music.

  3. It’s been awhile since I last listened to this, and I just had to hear it
    again. I love this song, you’re incredible! And not that it has anything to
    do with your musical talent, but you’re very good looking as well.

  4. I keep relistenling to your music every once in a while and it keeps just
    making me say “Wow – I almost forgot just HOW good it is.” I especially
    love your solo violin pieces. They are just wonderful.

  5. I am looking to get into the Orchestra this Spring, and looking around for
    solo violin pieces that might be a possibility, and I found your channel a
    little while ago, and I haven’t stopped listening to it since I’ve found
    it. You are a very talented musician. I can’t wait to hear more of your
    music! Keep at it. Music can make a heart react in funny ways. Listening to
    yours makes mine soar.

  6. I am a violinist myself, well I am trying to be. How have you managed to
    become such an amazing violinist? Any tips you can offer me because I want
    to make a life out it. :)

  7. this is my first time listening to something by you and i must say, it is
    captivating. I was in an awestruck silence when i played this video ^v^

  8. I keep relistening to this… I’ve been playing drums/bass guitar for a
    while now but I wanted to get into something new so I recently got myself a
    violin – I was inspired by your music along with other violinists!
    I look forward to the day when I can play as well as you can, no matter how
    long it takes or how difficult violin is to play c:

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