Greensleeves For Solo Violin

Greensleeves For Solo Violin
Thank you very much for watching my music video! I have made the music sheet of this.If you want the music sheet of this arrangement, I will send you the PDF at e-mail. Please write your mail address or send me a e-mail to my address(
The first part, I wanted to express a little harp. If you imagined so, I’m very glad! (^-^)


  1. 太好聽了真是一絶.Can you send me the sheet music?I really love this version !!!!! thx!!!!

  2. It’s very beautifull the work you done here <3
    I love it.
    (Even if i don't know anything about a violin)

  3. So wonderful. I loved the plucking. I will be emailing you for a copy of the sheet music. Thank you  for such beautiful music.

  4. Honestly, like the best version I have ever heard! Almost made me cry, I must have listened to this a million times already! wish I had the sheet music to this version. Good job!!!!!!!!!

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