Schubert/Ernst — ‘Der Erlkonig’ For Solo Violin

Schubert/Ernst — ‘Der Erlkonig’ For Solo Violin
This is one VERY challenging piece for the violin. But while it may be hard to come across someone who can play it decent, if you find someone it sounds amazing. And this piece has a lot of background. It is originally scored for piano and voice. The voice told a creepy story about a child, his father, and the “Elf King”. Look it up. But enjoy.


  1. To anyone that doesn’t play the violin it sounds good. Anyone who does is staring in disbelieve. This is _sadistic_.

  2. ‘You don’t understand bach’, ‘this isn’t music’, ‘what’s the point’. SO many of these comments below. I would be surprised if the aforementioned folks could struggle through a dont etude, let alone a paganini caprice and LET ALONE this. Enjoy an incredible feat for what it is and stop trying to get over your own insecurities and technical shortcomings by being dismissive. I fancy that the people like me and others who play this repertoire have a far better chance of playing what people call ‘real music’ than the type who so readily criticise this. Frankly I don’t know why those people are watching this video if they are after a work of enduring depth and emotional significance. If they are half as informed as they pretend to be then they would know that erlkonig is originally an incredible Schubert song (D.328) where the genius lies in the absolutely appropriate setting of a truly haunting text by Goethe. Bravo to this fine violinist for such an excellent performance – I came here to listen to an ERNST polyphonic work for the violin and not to listen to something on the same emotional level as the lamentations of Jeremiah

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