The Challenge Of The Solo: The Baroque Violin – Christopher Hogwood & Pavlo Beznosiuk

The Challenge Of The Solo: The Baroque Violin – Christopher Hogwood & Pavlo Beznosiuk
Pavlo Beznosiuk, one of the world’s leading baroque violinists, explains and demonstrates the challenge of music for solo violin; works by Nicola Matteis and Heinrich Biber lead to a discussion and performance of the famous Chaconne from Bach’s Solo Partita in D minor. Can such a work be satisfactorily analysed or does “music begin where words leave off”?

The transcript and downloadable versions of the lecture are available from the Gresham College website:

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  1. Death by two Chaconnes would be a sweet death. ♥ … :)))

    Thank you for Sharing this !!! A lovely hour full of valuable information. ♥ ^_~d

  2. If the basso continuo would really get played by a second violin for instance, then the music would sound dull. The interruption of the basso continuo creates a tension in the hearer and he focuses much more onto the melody, but longing for, to hear the basso continuo again.

  3. If one considers polyphonic music from a  mathematical point of view, then every voice is one dimension; several independent voices are then of course several dimensions. And polyphonic music is the only possibility to experience multidimensional structures. Interrupting one voice is then like sacrificing one dimension, which makes it easier, to understand the structure, because it is then a bit simpler.  Adding the voice again, lets again experience the more complicated multidimensional structure, which we find very pleasing, because our brain enjoys it.

  4. What an unconsidered sordid dry academic humor 0:35 , very unfortunate moment.
    I saw admired and enjoyed all lectures . . .

  5. I saw Pavlo last week with the AAM in Birmingham and it was absolutely fantastic. I love his style and unique sound. Christopher, you have given me a great amount of joy and knowledge. I miss you very much. Respects.

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