Vitali – Chaconne – Violin Solo

Vitali – Chaconne – Violin Solo
0:04 *Chaconne by Tomaso Antonio Vitali (1663 – 1745). Violin Solo version by Stepan Grytsay. ♫▼Download Vitali – Chaconne MP3: ♫▼Vitali – Chaconne Sheet Music: Please Like, Comment & Share this video!!! ◄SUBSCRIBE:
◄Music used in film: John Wick: Chapter 2

*This is my own version of this wonderful piece, suggested by some people that support me.

Argentina 7/02/2012

DEVIL’S TRILL – Tartini Violin Sonata in G minor (1/2) –

Vitali – Chaconne :

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  2. Why is life so unfair how come u can be so talented you’re so lucky sir I shall respect you with all my heart and soul for sharing such a beautiful talent

  3. i have been playing the violin for almost 1 year and its quite hard but fun, my teacher who is other wise serious says i have a real music ear but sometimes i just want to give up but hearing stuff like this makes me want to go grab my violin and just play. You inspire me, thank you!!

  4. la perfección no lo es todo el corazón de una melodía si, el transmitir emociones es la verdadera perfección

  5. I’ve never seen any violinist yet play this music with such a level of perfection.. your performance of this music is incredibly inspiring

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