3rd Mov. Of Violin Concerto By Alma Deutscher (9)

3rd Mov. Of Violin Concerto By Alma Deutscher (9)
Violin concerto composed by Alma Deutscher (9). 3rd movement:
Allegreo vivace e scherzando. Recording from June 2015:
Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, Roni Porat, conductor, Alma Deutscher, violin.
Alma plays here on a 3/4 size French violin restored by Luthier Amnon Weinstein, and on a 3/4 bow by Albert Nürnberger on loan by Daniel Schmidt.
Sound: Eshel Studios
The north american premiere of Alma’s opera, Cinderella, will take place in San Jose on Dec 16, 2017. Details here:


  1. More I listen…Can not beleive she is real…Love her!!! I will admire her all my life, I hope for a long time! I wish her great life!

  2. I love this!! For all the atonal modern composition zealots out there, there is such a thing as the beautiful melody. Something that has been all but forgotten in much of 20th century music and beyond. You want to hear those types of soaring melodies now, they’re found in film scores. I happen to prefer the great Romantic and Classical composers of the 18th and 19th century anyway so this music appeals to me and it is fresh and fun, not rehashing anyone’s work. In interviews, she has explained why she loves this genre of music. She has her reasons and they happen to be very mature and well thought out. Her rational is way beyond the thinking of an 11 year old.

  3. Lovely! I wish there’s more of that angle on Alma, even during her violin rests. She’s so heartening to watch, especially when she wiggles her head like that.

  4. Unbelievable! And she wrote this. It’s Unbelievable that she could just play this. Then to play it with such feeling. Then She Wrote the part for the Violin. NO She wrote every part. AND this is only part of her complete Opera, Cinderella.

  5. This is perhaps my favorite composition of hers. It’s always stuck in my head! Alma is amazing and inspirational; I wrote a mini bio of her on my blog. Hope she comes to the US again soon!

  6. Oh my how has this happened such a talented little girl , brought me to tears, she is just so beautiful she absolutley loves what she do’es ,i don’t know what to say Except fantastic .

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