Anne-Sophie Mutter, Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto (3rd Mvt.)

Anne-Sophie Mutter, Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto (3rd Mvt.)
Anne-Sophie Mutter plays the final mvt. of the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto with absolutely amazing tone and musicality. Accompanied by the Wiener Philharmoniker, conducted by Andre Previn.


  1. I missed an Anne Sophie Muter concert in San Diego after 911. She was
    afraid to fly and I was so disappointed. She is an amazing musician.
    Another Musician filled in for her and did a wonderful job. Sure wished I
    could have seen her play live. I think the concert was Vivaldi’s four

  2. This is only the seconf piece I have heard her play but she is very
    talented. To those who would critize I would only say are you able to play
    like this? 

  3. I prefer the Sarah Chang and Hyun Su-Shin versions to this one by Sophie
    Mutter’s which is often too rushed for my taste and for myself misses out
    on the emotion of this music. Sarah Chang is for me the Queen of emotion
    and expression in violin music eg watched her play Bruch Violin Concerto
    live in London recently OMG what a performance, its very strange in that
    Sarah played as if in a trance possessed by some strange spirit in which
    the violin becomes part of her body and soul. Spooky !!

  4. Sarah Chang just played the Bruch violin concerto, moving her body to the
    music as if in dance, little smiles on her face with her eyes mostly shut
    as she played like a goddess ,as I say as if in a trance !! 

  5. I love Mutter. I think she’s a brillant violinist but not with this piece,
    way too fast. She does the same think with Bach’s Ciaccona. For me she is
    Beethoven girl! Perlman interpretation and point of view on this concert is
    the best so far.

  6. I wish there was a video of her performing this at a concert, instead of
    these stills. But I guess this is the recorded studio version…

  7. I’ve listened to 5 or 6 different artists play Tchaikovsky including Hilary
    Hahn and Annie Sophie is far and away the best!!!

  8. while this is absolutely amazing, i must say i think its a touch on the
    fast side, but its a close second for my favourite interpretation of this
    piece behind maxim vengerovs

  9. She’s really nervous on this last movement. Her earlier live recording with
    Karajan at Salzburg is much more relaxed.

  10. Oh! Ma Dame, j’aime tellement vôtre jeu. Avec Christian Ferras vous êtes
    vraiment mes préférés. Tellement merci.

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