Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons (Full)

Antonio Vivaldi – The Four Seasons (Full)
-All- The Four Seasons. Violin concertos by Antonio Vivaldi composed at the beginning of the XVIII century.

Spring 0:00
Summer 10:27
Autumn 21:36
Winter 32:21

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**I’m talking about the recordings**


  1. Almost there, but because its reduced low frequencies (“basses”) levels,
    the dynamic moments of the music (that you feel pounding your chest and
    your stomach) get lost overall. So, get yourself a proper recording (DDD at
    best) and listen to it over a good audio system which has true speakers
    (like my DENON/Monitor Audio System) 😛 … Or even better, buy some decent
    price (400-800 $) Sennheiser headphones.

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