Bach – Double Violin Concerto In D Minor 2nd Movement, Largo

Bach – Double Violin Concerto In D Minor 2nd Movement, Largo
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Title : Johann Sebastian Bach, Double Violin Concerto in D minor (2nd movement, Largo Ma Non Tanto (BWV 1043)
From Wikipedia , The Concerto for Two Violins in D minor (BWV 1043) is perhaps one of the most famous works by J. S. Bach and considered among the best examples of the work of the late Baroque period. Bach wrote it in Leipzig sometime between 1730 and 1731, most likely for the Leipzig Collegium Musicum, of which he was the director. It also exists in an arrangement for two harpsichords, transposed into C minor (BWV 1062). In addition to the two soloists, the concerto is scored for strings and basso continuo.

The concerto is characterized by the subtle yet expressive relationship between the violins throughout the work. The musical structure of this piece uses fugal imitation and much counterpoint.

The concerto comprises three movements:
Largo ma non tanto


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