Bach, J.S. Violin Concerto In E Major BWV 1042

Bach, J.S. Violin Concerto In E Major BWV 1042
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)
violin concerto in E major BWV 1042
Movement 1 : Allegro
Movement 2 : Adagio
Movement 3 : Allegro assai
BWV 1041 in A minor :
BWV 1042 in A major :
BWV 1043 double violin concerto :


  1. Why can’t I listen to this beautiful music on my smartphone? I simply don’t find it with youtube app 🙁 someone else has this problem too?

  2. 1:58 to 2:35 blows my mind every time. Unbelievable how Bach can pack a lifetime’s worth of emotion into 30 seconds of music.

  3. This is beyond brilliant and sublime, especially the Adagio section beginning at 9:49 and finishing through the movement. And one can feel how Bach’s notes seem to reach ever higher and higher, as the music seems to reach greater heights of exalted glory.

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