Brahms – Violin Concerto In D Major

Brahms – Violin Concerto In D Major
Brahms – Violin Concerto in D major – II. Adagio (G. Kremer, L. Bernstein & Wiener Phil. O.)


  1. I could comment about whose fans are the people who disliked this but I
    don’t want to ruin this beautiful piece of art with unworthy rats.

  2. Wow, normally I’m not big fan of Brahms but this is a very vocal piece of
    music and I like that. It seems like Brahms and this violinist have found a
    way to make the violin speak. It’s kind of hard to find music/ musicians
    that can pull that off. 

  3. I love the melodies that Brahms come up with. They actually can be heard in
    many modern contemporary pieces. Thanks for posting.

  4. i heard that master piece on the radio last night, the last note is so
    powerfull i got goosebumps and tears appeared along my cheeks, my
    grand-father listened to brahms and know i understand why :'( plus, the
    violinist (here on the video) did a great job, so much emotion he gave me
    and he felt. 

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  6. Lennie and Kremer really nailed this one…and they both knew it! I have
    played it, at least weekly, for at least four years! Never tire of it!

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