Brahms – Violin Concerto – Oistrakh / Klemperer

Brahms – Violin Concerto – Oistrakh / Klemperer
Johannes Brahms

Violin concerto op.77

I. Allegro non troppo 0:00
II. Adagio 22:36
III. Allegro giocoso, ma non troppo vivace 32:26

David Oistrakh
Orchestre National de la Radiodiffusion Française
Otto Klemperer
Studio recording, Paris, 17-19.VI.1960


  1. for me this is the most powerfull,sensitive,brilliant,touching piece of violin ever produced.Bramhs is TOPand Oistrakh reveals it

  2. To me this the most beautiful music I ever heard and has been since I was four and first listened to it sixty eight years ago. The recording I heard was by Josef Szigetti.

  3. Exhausted by impression here
    My mind being ready for a pleasure
    Such feelings that I test right now
    Not knew off sheer beginning measure.

  4. Listenen to a Perlman recording of Brahms and was awestruck. Came here and realised I should have saved that sensation for this performance. He is in absolute control. Marvellous

  5. I have heard dozens of recordings of the Brahms and this one still remains, for me, the very best one I have ever heard. I cannot think of any way it could possibly be improved.

  6. Johannes Brahms:D-dúr Hegedűverseny Op.77
    1.Allegro non troppo (Kadencia:Joachim József) 00:00
    2.Adagio 22:36
    3.Allegro giocoso,ma non troppo vivace 32:26
    David Ojsztrah-hegedű
    Francia Rádió Nemzeti Zenekara
    Vezényel:Otto Klemperer
    Párizs,1960.június 17-19.

  7. Не возможно передать те чувства, которые обуревают тебя, слушая эту музыку.

  8. une puissance de son incroyablement parfaite,les sentiments y sont à chaque coups d’archets,un très grand artiste !

  9. Best violin concerto EVAH!!!!!! Oistrakh plays it sooooo perfectly as well: never heard any version so soul-full and nuanced. 5 thumbs up all around.

  10. This orchestra has good sound of timpani at the beginning of the first movement. This will increase tension. Other orchestras do not sound like this.

  11. The orchestra of Brahms is not grateful for conductors. Klemperer gaives it all its strength and color. Oistrakh, needless to say, is both very rigorous ans sensitive in his demanding part. The musical quality, with the strongest meaning of these words, is quite here.

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