J.Sibelius: Violin Concerto In D Minor Op. 47 (Soyoung Yoon)

J.Sibelius: Violin Concerto In D Minor Op. 47 (Soyoung Yoon)
Soyoung Yoon (South Korea), winner of the 14th International Wieniawski Violin Competition plays Jean Sibelius Violin Concerto in D Minor Op. 47
with Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Marek Pijarowski

Poznań 19 October 2011
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  1. She started playing violin at the age of five? Where these people are coming from? I don’t mean their nationality of course.

  2. ¡ Bellísimo Concierto de J.Sibelius, emocionante e impecable ejecución, bravo Soyoung Yoon, posees gran talento !!!!

  3. Superbement bien amené ! Un joli jeu de nuances et de couleurs, un rythme toujours vivant qui survolent les cœurs !

  4. There are so many amazing things in this performance to name, but one thing that especially stood out to me was her vibrato on octaves. Finding the perfect balance to where the waver is in sync with both fingers and manages to create a beautiful tone inside the pitch is really remarkable that I’ve seldom heard save miss Soyoung Yoon 😍

  5. So all focusing on her technique here. Great. Does anybody focus on music, on Innigkeit, on some sort of humbleness? Nope. The only thing I can sense watching her is how loud will she gonna be and how perfect her movements will relate to bombastic double, triple, quadruple stops. I’m sure a Yamaha violin will sound the same with her. That then is a talent, indeed. It may not be her fault. It’s these ridicolous competitions. There are folks out there who are playing with greater musicality than most of the competition winners. The more clicks the more doubtful – that’s my view. Sorry for the roasting.

  6. Когда такое видео размещаешь на сайтах Русской Православной Церкви, его удаляют в течении нескольких минут; к сожалению, единственные духовные потребности большинства современных представителей РПЦ-это жрать и срать, и другие творческие состояния им просто недоступны.

  7. Very impressive. I first encountered this piece during my high school performed by Kyungwha Chung with Andre Previn as the conductor. I’ve listened others’ performance as Oistrakh, Heiftez, Sara Chang, and so on. I always liked Kyungwa Chung’s version the best, perhaps it was the first encounter I had and got me engulfed. I found Yoon’s interpretation pretty similar to Chung’s especially in the second movement. I found a bit of unstable high notes during the fast scale in the third movement. Overall, I find her performance as good as Oistrakh whose performance has a bit of different color from Chung’s or Yoon’s. Remarkable!

  8. 아마 윤소영씨는 모를 것이다. 자기보다 나이 많은 어느 남자가 이 동영상을 100번 이상 봤으며, 그때마다 감동의 눈물을 흘린다는 사실을.
    이 곡을 매우 좋아하고 여러 연주를 들어봤지만 이토록 진한 감동을 주는 연주는 없었다.
    윤소영씨는 이 연주를 통해 바이올린의 진수를 보여 주었다. 바이올린이 왜 굉장한 악기인지, 바이올린으로 어떤 소리를 만들 수 있는지 알 수 있다. 작곡자 시벨리우스도 자신의 곡을 이렇게 잘 표현해 준 연주자의 최고 반열에 윤소영씨를 올려놓을 것임이 분명하다.
    윤소영씨는 instrument를 연주하는 것이 아닌 자기 목소리로 노래하는 것처럼 바이올린을 연주했다. 선율의 흐름이 너무 자연스워 종이에 인쇄된 악보 하나하나에 생명을 불어넣은 것 같다.
    표정과 동작도 곡과 너무 잘 조화를 이루었다. 콩쿠르 우승은 당연한 결과였다.

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