Janine Jansen – Bernard Haitink – Brahms Violin Concerto.

Janine Jansen – Bernard Haitink – Brahms Violin Concerto.
Janine Jansen, Bernard Haitink , Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Concertgebouw Amsterdam.


  1. That rope along the front of the stage looks too low to actually stop anyone falling off the stage but high enough to catch the legs of anyone who does fall ensuring that they land on their head.

  2. That beginning solo violin outburst sounds demonic from Brahms. By the way Hilary Han’s and Lisa Batiashvilli’s interpretation is way better than this.

  3. Wie immer bei Brahms etwas zermürtbt Musik, und macht sie so schön. Debussy hat geschrieben dass dieses Concerto gerade gegen die Violin komponiert wurde.  Er hatte  Recht, obwohl er beneidete Brahms so mit der Musik umgehen zu können. Etwas verhagnisvolles geschiet in der europäischen Kultur. Hôren Sie  genau. Allegro ma non troppo.

  4. I really do think she played it better in 2012. But that’s just my opinion and she plays much better than me any day haha! She’s still my favourite 🙂

  5. This piece portrays the music of humanity. It vividly illustrates and dramatizes the struggles of humans. There is a touch of divinity too. I am very touched.

  6. the beatig heart of europe once again, not forgetting what aamericans have brought to us.We are after all one and the same nation.This woman is a marvel. Well, if Ivanka should learn the violin, maybe I would vote for her

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