Janine Jansen Performs Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto 3. Movement

Janine Jansen Performs Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto 3. Movement
live recording on September 23rd, 2007


  1. para los músicos que conocen la pieza, claro que es extraño, parece un error calculado….No es malo reinventar un concierto agregando cositas que el compositor no puso, pero arriesgarte te va a traer siempre muchas criticas.

  2. He he, Janin always inspires me although i’m a rock’n’roll electric guitar player,makes me grab the guitar and play,mrs silky hands,but at the same time agressive, Brutal which i like, dont look her ”innocent eyes”it’s a trick,high virtuosity level,very focused,i owe to her why i hear Mendelssohn,and now i like Tchaikovsky,and the list is….

  3. wow so much facial expression this girl……she looked abit retarded plucking those strings @ the start…..

    But overall good performance…:)

  4. Was just listening to a Fritz Kreisler recording from the 50’s. Like golf, Arnold Palmer from the 60’s can’t compete with Tiger Woods. Times have changed. And, Fritz K can’t compete with Janine.

  5. Wat moet je als dirigent ontzettend genieten om zo een vrouw te mogen begeleiden. Het is als een godsgeschenk. Een keer in je leven! . Ik luister niet maar laat de muziek doordringen in mij lijf en ben meer dan gelukkig

  6. Splendida come sempre ma con il violino giusto. Questo non è uno Stradivari (come in un altro concerto) ma… è un Guarnieri?

  7. Is it me or she played the whole phrase a couple of times there at 1:00? You can also see her looking at someone, as if to receive sign to continue.

  8. at 7:34 I thought wow, this can’t get better, then at 8:30 I was flipping out and by 9:40 I was in shock. I clapped at the end. thank you

  9. she is just sawing the hell out of that fiddle…one orchestra member looked shocked and offended…this kind of grandstanding might sell tickets but i sure as hell wouldn’t lend her my violin….

  10. This is an entertaining though raw, over-the-top, and sometimes sloppy performance by a younger Janine. Two later efforts on YT, both with Paavo Järvi conducting, show how far she has come as an artist.

  11. Everyone commenting on how she’s being too brutal, too wild, etc, well how do you think the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto is supposed to be played? It’s not exactly meant to be a subtle piece.

  12. The speed seems to be driving everyone crazy. It’s so much better when it’s played with passion and slow. Is she not enjoying it? The second part has a good start though.

  13. Muzyka na tym poziomie jest czymś co może tylko zachwycić wszystko zależy od odbiorcy wielkie. podziękowanie ,’

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