Joshua Bell – Bruch Violin Concerto (movt 1)

Joshua Bell – Bruch Violin Concerto (movt 1)
Bruch violin concerto #1
I. Vorspiel. Allegro moderato


  1. To all those who comment on Joshua Bell’s movements and facial expressions. You may want to know that the selection of musicians by major orchestras are done behind curtains so the judges are not distracted by any movement or facial expression, neither biased by race or gender. So just listen and try to miss a good chance to make an useless comment.

  2. good musician, worst camera man, camera setup and editing.
    they shouldve zoomed out since makes so much movement, and use different angles for finger and bowing

  3. It doesn’t matter how wonderful a piece of music, in any genre, is played there are always whinging arseholes who can’t just accept it for what it is.

  4. This just proves there are many talented people out there, who, because they don’t have the other things that matter to “make it” as an artist – money, social standing, formal education, marketing skills, and the “right” venues, will never be seen, appreciated or rewarded for their talent.  It’s a sad truth that the masses rely on the “experts” to tell them whose art to look at, or music to listen to, and they cannot use their OWN hearts and minds to decide for themselves.  A small number of elites basically decide for the rest of us what is and isn’t “talent”.  Pablo Picasso, for example, would never had made it if it weren’t for the backing of someone very wealthy.  Art is a rich man’s (or women’s) game, and we dutifully follow their tastes, etc. like sheep.

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