Advanced Vibrato Violin Lesson – Paul Huppert

Advanced Vibrato Violin Lesson – Paul Huppert
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  1. @guarneri1742 Try just starting with long, sustained bows on an open string (four or five clicks 50-60 bpm), then follow with very slow scales. Once you have established a relaxed state in this manner, you can introduce vibrato. Keep in mind that you should follow this pattern daily for some time (probably months) in order to re-wire your muscle memory. It won’t happen overnight : ).

  2. I can manage comfortable vibrato if i rest the violin on the tip of my thumb with the thumb raised up. I’m sure this is incorrect though as it isnt really a compatible position for normal playing, i can manage some vibrato in my normal playing position but it doesnt quite seem right.

  3. @221Dw Try focusing on the finger joint above the tip of the finger you are vibrating with. This joint needs to be elastic and flexible, it takes some time for the action to feel natural. Try also to focus on approaching the string at an angle that uses more of the finger pad area, this will allow the finger joint to be more relaxed. Good luck!

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