Beginner Violin Instruction : Advanced Cleaning For A Violin

Beginner Violin Instruction : Advanced Cleaning For A Violin
Start playing the violin today; learn how to carefully clean a violin in this free video music lesson on playing beginner violin.

Expert: Amy Oliver
Bio: Amy Oliver began violin in early 1990 and has been playing ever since. She played in the Granite Youth Symphony for six years and has toured the United States and Canada.
Filmmaker: joseph wilkins


  1. OMG….okay wtf are you talking about??? if you take the strings off the violin the sound post will fall down…..yeah great idea

  2. Okay, then why dont you take your strings off and see if your sound post falls……
    Haha, you have no clue what your talking about….. so Just stop talking…

  3. he’s right
    your sound posts should not come off or your violin is defected
    how else would you change your strings?!

  4. She said NEVER use water on your violin. Honestly, I think people are so caught up w/ ripping on this poor girl that they aren’t really listening to what she actually says.
    I’ve been a string instrument teacher for 12 years, and have played the violin for almost 30 years, and the only thing I’d question in this video is taking off the strings.

  5. PLEASE go to ProfessorV here on youtube for excellent violin instruction.

    DO NOT take all the strings off at once…ESPECIALLY if you are a beginner. the bridge and sound post are held in place by the tension of the strings, they are not glued in place. you replace strings ONE at a time. IF you are lucky, the sound post will not fall over, but you will still need to find a luthier to put your violin’s bridge (at least) back in place…

  6. i watched several of this woman’s videos. her violin is not even in tune! that is an absolute BASIC and she gets it wrong! and, for tuning instruction, she says “buy a chromatic tuner!” GREAT idea… but no instruction how to USE it. her C major scale is actually b flat & she starts on open G!

    please, beginnersand intermediates especially, find professorV and watch his. this woman plays very poorly and should not be giving instruction… and much of her info is incorrect.

    please, beware.

  7. this idiot is lying. so many things wrong im to lazy to name them all. but one thing: i use my violin polish on my ebony chinrest seeing as thats also wood and quite a bit of dirt comes off. you want to clean your chinrest. contrary to what this liar is saying, its usually the dirtiest part of the instrument.

  8. YOU DON’T need to clean your ribs where your neck goes?! EM I have such a violin callus that I have to like scrape flesh off of that bit of the instrument. It is not what people SEE it’s for the goodness of your violin, so any part you TOUCH needs to be cleaned, and you shouldn’t be touching all over the front and back anyways.

  9. @Jaesango You change your strings ONE AT A TIME for a reason! The bridge and soundpost are held in place by the tension in the strings so if that goes down *crack* goes the top of your violin

  10. She has no idea what shes talking about… I’ve owned and played a violin for 8 years and know for a fact almost everything she’s saying would either ruin the finish on the instrument or make it unplayable due to internal damages from mishandling. First of all, strings should be replaced one at a time, usually in order from smallest (E) to largest (G). This keeps the pressure ob the bridge and in turn the top of the instrument, which holds the soundpost steady on the inside. If you remove all four string, both the bridge and the soundpost will fall, making your instrument unplayable. While the bridge is fairly easy to reset, repositioning a soundpost requires both special tools and professional training, seeing as even a millimeter change in its positioning can affect the instrument’s tone and quality of sound. Next, when trying to clean your instrument, a cloth should always be used first to remove loose rosin powder and determine if an actual cleaner will even be necessary. If the build-up is bad enough, then special cleaners can be used to carefully remove it. Most cleaners are design to only target rosin and actually help protect the varnish on the instrument. However, only a very small amount should be used. Every product is made to be used minimally; overuse of almost any cleaner or polish will indefinitely damage the varnish. Also, polish is not cleaner! A few of my students always fail to recognise this and end up simply polishing a layer of dried rosin, instead of the wood. Please keep this in mind when caring for your instrument. The chinrest and fingerboard also need care. When wiping down your instrument, be sure to wipe both if these as well, seeing as the most build-up of hand oils and sweat will be in these two areas. I generally clean them a bit extra so that no staining or discoloration will occur. I hope some of you find this helpful! ~Ammie G.

  11. This girl has no clue. If you want your sound post to fall over and collapse the instrument when you restring it go right ahead and take her advice. Oh, and I think telling people not to use furniture polish is a given. Thanks captain obvious!

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