How To Play Sorry By Justin Bieber On Violin

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Use this video to learn how to play Sorry by Justin Bieber on the violin. Watch the numbers slide down the strings and play the note when it gets to the line at the bottom. uses violin games to help people learn how to play violin online through easy fun online violin lessons. The String Club provides easy free music lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced violin players.


  1. The String Club! First, I’m very grateful for your musical lessons here =))
    XD it helps me much. And second, could you please make a violin tutorial
    video with the song You are the love of my life from George Benson when
    u’re available ? hehe 😛 Thanks again =)) for this song :”>

  2. I am so happy that I found this channel cause I just found out that the new
    school district and the new school doesn’t have orchestra or choir and all
    they have is band so I was super mad when I found out about it so thank you

  3. is it OK if I learn this for my YouTube channel it so good I wish I was
    that good have you done all your grades? I only done my first and passed

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