Violin Lesson #35; Tuning The Violin Pt.1 (see Description)

Violin Lesson #35; Tuning The Violin Pt.1 (see Description)
For a beginner’s tuning video, please see the video response.


  1. i had to move my bridge so when i tried to retune my violin , the E string snapped and cut my finger :[
    why are violin strings so expensive and guitar strings are so much longer and cheaper

  2. I think it is because violin strings are steel. Guitar is cheaper because it s made out of something different (i think)

  3. Can you do alternate tunings for violin as guitarists have several different tunings available to them? Thanks! Joni

  4. I have a pitch pipe and
    i just one day tuned it by ear..
    and i had no clue it was so complicated actually
    the strings should not rub against the peg box wall..
    and the pegs should ALL (all of them?) be horizontal right?
    how often do you use the fine tuners?
    because when i use them i cant tell any difference
    even when i screw them pretty far.
    an old teacher told me i shouldnt even use the fine tuners?
    is this true? sorry for all the questions.
    please answer :/

  5. @professorV Many professionals are using fine tuners these days. Pegs can be annoying. They get tight. They pop out place. They easily put the strings out of tune. Yuri Bashmet has fine tuners on his viola! So, I don’t think we should give the idea that just because someone uses fine tuners, they’re not at a professional level. Someone who uses fine tuners likes to be in tune. Pegs don’t always do it! Fine tuners take the stress out of tuning! Go Yuri Bashmet for setting the standard!!

  6. @professorV oh ok so its kinda oposit from guitar… yeah i thought it was like guitar so yea….. well here is another question…. if the violin has already been tuned and stringed (meaning it has ajusted already) then i dont need to really worry about the way i turn the nut right? and do i need fine tuning too?

  7. lolz this is a lot harder than I thought it is. Please pluck each string separately with out any finger on the fingerboard and from there I could distinguish if it sounds the same.from mine then I will know if its tuned

  8. Lolz thanks professorV. It took me two days to tune the violin. But I really started from scratch. I didnt even know how to use the electronic chromatic violin tuner. I eventually figured it out after a day and started tuning. Then the pegs keep coming loose. I didnt know I had to push them in. It just dawned on me to push it in. I could tune the “A” string with no problem but the rest I didnt know until i viewed another video which tuned one string at a time like tuning the “A”

  9. What if you don’t have a teacher? What if you’re teaching yourself? Like me? I really need some help, but my dad won’t pay for lessons and I really want to learn… I got a new violin with the finetuners though.

  10. im scared of snapping the e string since it happened before 🙁
    also can i take the string out and then put it back in ?

    can u please help ??? 🙁

  11. @hannahmontanasux123 When tuning, you need to push the pegs further into the neck of the violin so that they stay. If it becomes a real pain, then the peg isn’t sticky (Unknown term needed instead of ‘sticky) enough.

  12. the reason why guitar strings are much less cheaper is because they rip easly and the voilin strings dont snap easly

  13. hi my violin only has one fine tuner on the E string, but how do i tune the other strings without breaking them? im a begginer…

  14. It was FIVE MINUTES before this guy plucked the first string! I don’t want a history of violins, characteristics of wood or what strings are made of or how to BUILD one, I just want to tune the thing!

  15. Hi ProffesorV, I have a problem with my pegs, when i tuned up the peg A, in every secs, the peg will turn itself down.? o.O it’s like it’s oily or something. I need some help from you, thanks. 🙂

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