Violin Lessons Online Via Skype With Violin Online Skype Lessons

Violin Lessons Online Via Skype With Violin Online Skype Lessons
Getting violin lessons online with Violin Online Academy via Skype can be as easy as visiting From beginner to advanced, online violin lessons can be the solution for students that are looking for lessons on the violin that do not have access to a qualified violin teacher and who wish to play and improve their knowledge or technique on the violin.
The convenience of not having to travel for violin lessons and the ability to choose any violin teacher who teaches online via Skype or other platforms anywhere in the world is also important when students are looking out for an alternative to having to leave their house to fight the traffic for private violin lessons. Free Youtube videos about how to hold the bow and violin can be helpful but a private online violin lesson can be more beneficial if you want to progress as quickly as possible.
Private violin lessons online via Skype could be the solution for you if 1.You can’t find or access a violin teacher who you can relate to i.e.. Someone who is rigid in their approach and only teaches classical violin in the traditional manner.
2. You have an irregular or tight schedule and don’t want to be committed to a certain time slot every week. Within reason this can be dealt with.
3. Your business or work involves a lot of traveling or you are retired and like to travel.
4. You have to travel for hours to get to a major city to get private violin lessons.
5. You would like to get a teacher that may provide a fresh approach for your violin studies. There are so many styles of music to play but some teachers do not have the experience or concepts involved in learning these styles.
6. You would like to explore the possibility of the benefits of getting violin instruction from anyone that is offering violin lessons online via Skype and you understand the technology involved.
7. You don’t want to have to sign a year long contract or be subjected to the whims of a certain music school offering private violin lessons.
If this interests you and you would like to proceed, please contact me at and we can schedule a Skype consultation.

Other sites that are offering violin lessons are the online piano and violin tutor and artistworks for advanced violin lessons online via Skype.


  1. Violin lessons online can be very rewarding for both the student and teacher and the technology of Skype and other platforms has gotten much better over the years. Of course playing something at the same time cannot be accomplished due to the latency or delay of the signal. It’s still a good solution for students that don’t have access to a qualified teacher in their area.

  2. Not everyone has the opportunity to take violin lessons in their area. This is a great solution for people that don’t want to have to fight the traffic to get to their private lessons as well. thanks for posting

  3. Nice video David. If I was a violin player instead of a keyboard player, I’d look into this concept but maybe will be offering piano lessons online after seeing your video. There is a lot of benefit to tapping into different people’s musical knowledge and this is getting to be easier and easier to do online.

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