Bluegrass Fiddle Lessons – Cripple Creek – Ian Walsh

Bluegrass Fiddle Lessons – Cripple Creek – Ian Walsh
In this lesson Ian Walsh teaches the classic traditional Bluegrass fiddle tune “Cripple Creek”. The full lesson + the sheet music + MP3 practice tracks are available at Thanks! Enjoy!


  1. Your right hand position is trerible..

    realy bat…

    You play very good but if you have a better position you will play a lot better…

  2. Excellent teacher. Ian’s put a lot of thought into breaking down the tunes into basic phrases and he finds a simple way to explain how to play the tunes. All of his videos are top notch.

  3. I purchased three lessons and worth every penny. I always wanted to learn phrase by phrase, but teachers never listened to me that my brain worked that way. Now i”m having so much fun. thank you Ian Walsh, a great teacher and player.

  4. Great lesson! I’ve been posting lessons for free too (on fiddle, guitar and mando) and just put up a Cripple Creek fiddle lessons. It’s so nice to see another teacher putting lessons on YouTube. Keep up the good work!

  5. I also love the way you hold your bow. I know it isn’t the way I am taught, buy I’ve seen many bluegrass players hold it this way, and obviously, it works quiet well! You play so well. How long have you been playing – since birth? I am much older than you, and I just started learning 6 months ago. I am continually amazed at how beautiful violinis!

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