For My Fans: Beginner Violin Tutorial #1

For My Fans: Beginner Violin Tutorial #1
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Hey everyone! This video is dedicated to my fans who have written to me saying that they would like to start playing the violin but can not afford a teacher and don’t know where to even start. I was blessed enough to have been able to afford private lessons for a number of years, so I would like to pass on some of that blessing and offer my help to those of you who do not have the opportunity to take private lessons 🙂 So here is my little tutorial video to try and give you guys a starting point! This video is for COMPLETE beginners, so if you already have begun playing, you probably won’t find this useful. In this video I talk about choosing a violin/bow/case, accessories you will need, book series, and some of my own experiences. Please know that this is coming from my experience and opinions and is in no way the final authority on how to approach starting out. In fact, here’s a great web site to give you guys a place to search the forums for answers to questions that I don’t answer in this video:

The web site that I talk about for buying a violin/supplies is:

As I said, this is just a suggestion since I have ordered from them in the past and have had a good experience, but be sure to do your own research before you shell out any of your hard earned money! 🙂

Well I hope you find this at least somewhat helpful! It’s really hard to be concise on this subject because there really is a lot to talk about, but I tried to stay as on task as possible. I apologize if it’s hard to follow. Anyhow, there will be more tutorials to come where I will demonstrate proper posture, bow hold, violin hold, specific techniques, etc for those of you who have written to me about those more specific things.

Please leave additional questions in the comments section for this video instead of sending me a personal message, thanks!

Have a great week everyone, thanks for watching, God Bless! ^_^


  1. I’m 15 and I’ve always wanted to play the guitar but my dad always discouraged me from doing that however when since I’ve learned more about the violin and found your videos I’ve learned that if would love to learn the violin.😊

  2. I’m a guitar player and have been for about 14 years, I’ve always liked the violin yet never got into it but i’m thinking of buying one. My strings experience are guitars from electric, acoustic, banjo, classical and mandolin, i also play a little bit of piano but i’m self taught on everything and wouldn’t claim to be an expert but i’m competent. Would this type of experience help me transition onto the violin a little smoother than a newbie? Anyone have any advice alongside this vid? Cheers! 😀

  3. maybe is a bit late to comment but I TOTALLY admire you and I believe is greate you to give classes (tutorials) but why don’t you continue doing it??? It would be awesome for you to do so!!!!

  4. I love how you help others and how nervous you was. I respect it alot.

    now its 2016 and you’re so great now. But its still fun to see this old video of you.

    Anyhows, Thanks for making me smile once again.
    I always be a fan. No matter what you do:)

  5. Hey Taylor. Can you do more violin tutorials. I know how to play basic on the violin. Could you please upload more videos on a little bit more complicated stuff. Thanks. Bye. 😉

  6. I really want more tutorials. Even with others peoples teaching violin on the internet, I don’t really trust them. I kwow your job, so I trust you, Taylor.

    Thank’s! 😀

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