Gypsy Jazz Violin Lessons – Minor Swing

Gypsy Jazz Violin Lessons – Minor Swing
Christiaan van Hemert – co-founder of the Rosenberg Academy – teaches Minor Swing.

Minor Swing – Lesson Pack:

– complete transcription with fingerings and bowings
– every slide notated
– theory explanations for every lick
– in-depth article on learning improvisation with invaluable tips on practicing
– chord lead sheet (with guitar diagrams to give to your guitar player)

– demo video with melody and full solo
– slowed down video with the solo on 50% speed

– mp3 at 100% speed
– mp3 at 70% speed
– mp3 at 50% speed
– backing track


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  1. I play violin and am trying to learn to play like this. What is irelb? I am trouble understanding what you wrote here. I think it’s relevant to my struggle. Can you rephrase it?

  2. Beautiful musicality, good technique but if you raised your left arm you would have more flexibility and easier to play!

  3. Hi I want to start takng your lessons…but only see Sweet Georgia Brown on your website…..are you still doing the lessons?

  4. hello christian, im a spanish classical violinist trying to learn some gypsy stuff. I have visited your page, and the only lesson pack avaliable is of sweet georgia brown. I´m really interested on buying the minor swing pack, can you help me please??

  5. Amazing. Shame the links to all the lessons material no longer works. You’ve inspired me to pick up my violin again after many years……. is there any other way I can get hold of them? 🙂

  6. hey, I’ve traid download that in the link you’ve put in the description, but I didn’t can download it… please I really want to play that :’v

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