How To Play Hallelujah From Shrek On The Violin

How To Play Hallelujah From Shrek On The Violin
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Use this video to learn how to play Hallelujah from Shrek on the violin. Watch the numbers slide down the strings and play the note when it gets to the line at the bottom. It’s just like guitar hero for violin. uses violin games to help people learn how to play violin online through easy fun online violin lessons. The String Club provides easy free music lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced violin players.


  1. Hi my name is isai and i am a beginner violonist and i dont have a teacher
    to teach me but i have seen yout videos since 1 month and i am good know
    thankyou and keep posting videos.

  2. I’m in 8 grade and I’m in beginner classes and we don’t have a fourth
    tape(yet)and we haven’t learned what L(low) or H(high) means yet and I’m
    very impatient when it comes to playing(I’m in a class full of 6
    graders)cuz I used to play in 2 grade and I already know what this is but
    its a good refresher and we are just learning how to use the bow….so out
    of the topic

    keep on making vids they’re awesome and I love this song!!:) @thestringclub

  3. hi I follow you from Saudi Arabia and today we celebrate the National Day ,
    and I want you to put a small request Is the way the national anthem right
    of Saudi Arabia in the violin , I would like to played very much but I do
    not know to Play a violin from you, if you want ( :

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