How To Rosin Your Bow For The First Time Violin Lesson – Violin Lessons For Beginners Online Free

How To Rosin Your Bow For The First Time Violin Lesson – Violin Lessons For Beginners Online Free
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Violin Lessons for Beginners Online Free
How to rosin your bow for the first time. A new bow may not have any rosin. If you use it to play it will not make any sound. You need to put enough rosin on your bow to make a layer of powdery rosin over the full length of the bow hair.

How to rosin your violin bow for the first time.


  1. i read in an old 1884 violin book printed in england, to rosin the bow only in one direction, i’m sure its because of how hair is ,it has a grain to it, ever hear that one?

  2. there is no sound from my violin. i have used rosin several times but sound is not coming. could you please help me?

  3. u make this….Soo much simpler …I just thought I was retarded but…here you are making me feel a little better proving me Rong and making everything easyer thank u

  4. Would like to actually hear what sound you get without rosin, with not enough rosin and with right amount of rosin. I’m rosining my bow for days but still have scratchy and not stable sound (Need to get a violin instructor, I think, to figure out what the problem is).

  5. I have dark rosin and it doesn’t seem to be sticking to the bow. How much longer should I be rubbing the rosin into the bow? And does it leave a dark layer of powder like the light rosin?

  6. Just starting so the violin was pre-owned (they broke it in lol) but I never got rosin. Bought the cheapest on eBay and when it arrived, it was shattered. Not to be defeated, I slapped a few elastic bands around it and stuck it in the microwave on defrost, then on high. It melted the plastic a little, but the rosin was one piece again. My violin is too big for the microwave.

  7. Thanks, when I got my violin I took it in to be strung tuned and get the bow rosined. I just got a new bow and tried to rosin it for the first time the same way I used to do casual rosins… ( *facepalm* )

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