Introduction To Violin Vibrato – By Paul Huppert

Introduction To Violin Vibrato – By Paul Huppert
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  1. Tapping is utilized as an introductory technique, wrist and arm are incorporated according to context. Did you listen to the verbal introduction?

  2. According to what context? Oscillations of arm and wrist are not contextual, they are the very definition of vibrato. Tapping the finger will not accomplish vibrato, only mislead the students into thinking the finger itself is involved or that vibrato is some kind of trill. When you vibrate the finger remains on the string and the arm pulls at it, bending the pitch. Releasing the finger to produce vibrato is right up there with a tension-based vibrato in the book of bad ideas.

  3. Sorry you feel that way. The tapping concept is merely meant as a means to sensitize the first finger joint above the tip of the finger. Don’t mean to utilize as a trilling up and down motion, more as a flexing exercise to explore the finger joint flexibility.

  4. Did I say I like baroque? No, baroque music and other genres would sound better with vibrato in my opinion.
    Nice username btw

  5. Holy crap! Just did the couple of things in this video and I just made a giant leap. No joke! I’ve been watching different videos for a few weeks now and doing a couple different exercises (sliding up and down mostly). But I watched this, did the hand exercise, did the tapping exercise, and for some reason just tried to do a vibrato without the bow. Somehow it looked right, so added the bow, and boom. Sloppy, but a whole heck of a lot closer than yesterday. Think I’ll check out the rest of the videos.

  6. Any tips for a person with hyper flexivity? (also known as being double jointed) My joints want to go from one extreme to the other without any smoothness! I have been working on vibrato for months and nothing has really improved. Please help!

  7. You have a lovely voice, and you cold read well. This being said I had a big grin on my face every time I saw your eye’s go down to read.

  8. This is a teaser video; it barely started and then you’re asked to leave youtube and watch the rest somewhere else.

  9. I had a very awesome teacher in school. I watched her teach an entire class vibrato with only 3 mins of her time. At the end of class one day she pulled out one of those film canisters (the black plastic tube you used to put film in so you could take it to get developed) and said our homework was to get one of them and put a quarter inside it. Hold the plastic container like you are holding your instrument and wave “bye-bye” to yourself. If the coin snaps each end of the tube without “sliding” back and forth = correct. No “snap” your doing it wrong. So as you watch your tv show you can snap the coin at each end of the tube.

    The motion and force is more “exaggerated” to get the coin to snap than is necessary for vibrato. While watching tv you teach your “wrist” the muscle memory and work those “muscles you never knew you had” while watching tv.

    Next day she said get your instrument and do vibrato and the whole class had a very good vibrato “base”. From the word go (if you did your homework) once you anchor the finger to the string and start to “snap the coin” while holding your instrument, that ackward wrist motion needed for vibrato is already downloaded into your wrist and all that “exaggerated” force/motion needed to snap the coin has nowhere to go except through your now anchored finger on the string 🙂

    With the “digital age” even one of the most common things that any house would have laying around, is becoming extinct…. “film….. whats that?! lol” Any tube container that is just a little bigger around than the coin you use = perfect, like one of those hard plastic coin roll containers is also perfect for this, as long as it lets the coin slide freely from end to end without the coin falling sideways while doing so. Grab one and wave bye-bye to yourself and make the coin pop each end of the tube = even if you never held a violin you can do a descent vibrato. I watched 20-30 in my class instantly doing vibrato with ONLY this “homework” assignment for “instruction”. Ms Cox had a way of effortlessly teaching “techniques” using little tricks like this.

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