Learn Twinkle Twinkle Little Star On The Violin

Learn Twinkle Twinkle Little Star On The Violin
Hi! Welcome to Fiddlerman.com where I’ll teach you to play the violin for free. I was asked how to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to the complete and total beginner who has never played a piece before. The song is in two parts — A part and B part. The structure is A B B A, so once you learn the two parts, you’re halfway there!

This brilliant video not only helps you learn to play this beautiful and iconic tune, but also teaches you a little bit more about the different strings on the violin, and the notes that they can produce. You know how to hold a violin if you’ve watched my videos, and you know how to hold a bow if you’ve watched those videos, and so you’re ready to learn how to play a piece.

We have four strings on the violin: you start with the first string which is an E, the next string is an A, the third string is a D, and the fourth string is a G. Now, some teachers put lines on a violin — they put little pieces of tape to line where you put your finger down. I don’t do that because I think that anybody, even a small kid can learn to put their finger in the right place using their ears. If you know approximately where to put your finger, you can do it automatically.

While you are playing this piece, remember to never put your fingers too far away — it makes it difficult to come down again on the right spot. You will only get better by practicing, so repeat yourself often, and focus on every single note to make sure that you are in tune. Learn to memorize the different positions, and what note that they are, because this will help you in later lessons. While you play, push down with your fingers enough to make a good sound, but not so much that you hurt yourself!

I hope you’ve enjoyed playing this piece, and once you’ve mastered it, try out another video at Fiddlerman.com to expand your repertoire!


  1. Whenever I get a new instrument I always learn how to play twinkle twinkle the first day. Lol. Like this comment if you do too!

  2. Hi! I want to thank you for this channel which is very interesting. I would like to know your sincere point of view of this case :

    I have a friend, adult one that someone gave a ” Bestler violin” from Shangai China. Personnaly I think it is not good at all but my friend doesn’t want to sadden the giver (someone who gave him rhe violin) so she took it but she intends to ameliorate it somehow.

    So as you compare CVN500 and the CVN300 violin I think that it can be useful for awhile if she chabge certain things in it like strings, soundpost… do you agree or you don’t, please?

    I know you are a professional so no need to think of these kind of violins but Can you tell me what she can do with this kind of violin. She can’t buy a CVN nor some other violin brands.

    Must she keep the Bestler brand which is a brand I don’t think it exists anymore


    Must she tell the other person that it is not what she wanted because this latter is worthless?


    Have a nice night!

  3. I am a middle schooler and i am in orchestra and I am going to do the violin and I am just watching videos on how to play different pieces😊

  4. You are the best teacher so far I have watched on YouTube to learn a song on violin. Do you have any other songs you can teach me on your channel?

  5. *MAN THIS IS FUN!* I just bought a violin to play bad music and annoy people, and maybe learn that sad violin song, but now I wanna take this seriously. Thanks, my dude! :))

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