Violin Lesson #2, Holding The Bow (bow Hold) Pt. 2

Violin Lesson #2, Holding The Bow (bow Hold) Pt. 2
Visit – Second part of the bow hold lesson.


  1. @professorV Last Christmas my mother bought me a violin, the only problem
    is she accidentally got a 1/8 instead of a 4/4 or 3/4 and I am 14yo. We
    don’t have the money for a new one right now. In the mean time, will
    playing on a 1/8 create any bad habits, and/or make it more difficult to
    play a 3/4 or 4/4 in the future? If so, do you have any tips on preventing
    those habits?

  2. I have been teaching violin in school music for over 30 years. I am not
    sure how I came to know this way to teach the bow, because I am really a
    cellist, but this is exactly the method I use. I’m kind of interested in
    where you studied. Do you have any videos on violin vibrato? If so I hope
    to find them. Can you refer me to them?

  3. Something like this is just one of the things that shows you that playing
    violin is much more difficult than playing guitar! It requires lot of
    patience, it takes years to get better and better….way longer than
    watching this video. So, playing violin is NOT for people who have zero

  4. I like your tutorials. thank you so much for the effort you put to teach
    online. I’m adapting russian bow hold, franco-belgian bow hold comes very
    unnatural for me, i tried to learn it by watching ur video. but my teacher
    today told me to stick with russian bow hold as i’ve been doing it for long

  5. eh i meant i thought i was holding my bow wrong, but my teacher convinced
    me today that it was right and that i’ve been using russian bow hold all
    the time xD

  6. I am a guitarist of about 11 years now. Violin has always been an
    instrument I have wanted to learn. I just bought my first Violin and I know
    your videos will be very helpful! I love a challenge in music! Cant wait to
    see where I am in the years to come! Thank you for sharing your knowledge! 

  7. I absolutely agree with that. Unless you’re extremely driven or have
    someone that tells you to keep working on it, you’ll quit fast. I HATED
    playing the viola until I finally reached the point where I started to
    sound really good. Now I love it and practice so much that I’m actually
    told to cut it out!

  8. My teacher’s method of teaching us was (since we were little kids) was by
    saying the thumb going in it’s place is a doggy going through the doggy
    door, curving your fingers to rest on the bow properly was turning a
    doorknob, and he just said “pinky” for the proper placement of the pinky.
    He would remind us every lesson as we set up by calling out “doggy,
    doorknob, pinky!” It’s a great method for little kids.

  9. For you? Five years I guess, if you’d ever get it. Don’t be a douche. Thank
    you for the thorough instructions in this video, which most other
    instructional videos are lacking.

  10. Thorough my ass…If it takes 4 minutes to learn how to hold a bow you need
    to put your fiddle down and set in the audience…It doesn’t take a
    Bluegrass fiddler “which I am” that long to learn… And I grant you this
    guy “or” you couldn’t hold a candle to a Bluegrasser…And as for a guitar
    pick…I pick Merle Travis style… So watch a Travis video and see how
    “real” pickers hold their pick. 

  11. Professor.. I wanna play vivaldi spring and I am beginner, should I study
    andfocus vivaldi spring or study the easy song??

  12. Thanks, Mr. Ehle! I’ve a question– is it normal for the tip of one’s pinky
    to kind of hurt from the pressure of securing the bow? Or does this mean
    I’m still holding it wrong?

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