Violin Lesson #29; Bouncing Strokes (spiccato Bowing)

Violin Lesson #29; Bouncing Strokes (spiccato Bowing)
**Visit – A lesson on how to start spiccato bowing.


  1. thanks so much for this video! I have a study that involves spiccato and I
    didn’t know how to do it, so thanks for the great tips :)

  2. Hi professorV, I play Violin and I’d like to play Caprice 24, Paganini ! I
    don’t know what is the name of the bow “technique” to play the first
    variation ! If you can help me, it would be very coool 🙂 (Sorry for my bad
    english, I’m french and young soo..) Thanks !

  3. Hi there, my teacher said I’m not allowed to move my arm AT ALL while
    bouncing my bow. She said the only pressure I’m allowed to use with the
    bounce is from my fingers only squeezing back and forth while bouncing.
    It’s driving me crazy because I feel like I’ve got no control over it. What
    do you think of this opinion? She said to practice it with my bow arm
    wedged up against the wall so it doesn’t move..

  4. Thank you, that was very helpful. My teacher tried to explain spiccato to
    me, calling it more of a brushing motion, but I was having a hard time
    controlling the bouncing. Your video helped me get it under control, and I
    think I’ll have it nailed by my next lesson. Thank you.

  5. Thank you very much for your videos, especially this one helped me a lot.
    In my country all the teachers say you must learn Sevcik first, then you
    are allowed to continue. Nobody’s willing to teach you anything if you
    haven’t passed through Sevcik. As I consider Sevcik too methodical and
    prosaic, I prefer other ways to learn. Thank you! 🙂 Tereza, Prague

  6. @professorV i thought fast spicatto is not necessarily sautille… Like, i
    have to do spicatto with semiquavers at the speed of 100… and my teacher
    definitely told me its spicatto, not sautille. (which is also why i can’t
    do it, and have since been watching youtube videos that all either teach
    slow spicatto or sautille)

  7. Thanks for the video, I’m learning how to write for strings and it is very
    useful to actually visualize what spiccato means! Thank you!

  8. Hi, im currently learning from the suzuki book 1 and my teacher tells me to
    do staccato with the bouncing of the bow, im not sure if it’s right or not?
    I dont want to challenge his teaching but can you help???

  9. @big bear It really just depends on what the player wants to do. Spiccato
    can give the piece a nice, lighthearted effect when you want to bring out
    the staccato.

  10. Many thanks. Very helpful for us orchestrators to *see* up close the
    different bowing strokes, as well as hear what they sound like. Many
    thanks, Michael. 

  11. Just great teaching as always. I always found this an intimidating
    technique to tackle. Now I have a road map! You are the best :)

  12. Thanks, Professor V! My teacher had recommended this video to me and lo and
    behold: I realized I had all ready watched some of your Wohlfahrt videos.
    You’re doing great work, sir. We aspiring fiddler/violinist certainly
    appreciate it.

  13. Sir, I’m moving my upper arm when I’m playing spiccato in Messiaen’s theme
    et variations (2nd variation). How to prevent it from moving?

  14. Hi, professorV, I am looking at Mendelssohn concerto movement 3. What are
    those notes with dot above? In Hilary Hahn’s video it looks like spiccato
    only on up-bow. Thanks.

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