How To Play Requiem For A Dream On The Violin

How To Play Requiem For A Dream On The Violin
Difficulty:Intermediate, by Clint Mansell, Key of G minor

“Lux Aeterna” is the name of the song made famous in the movie Requiem For A Dream. It was composed by Clint Mansell in 2000 and was performed by the Kronos Quartet for the movie soundtrack. The recognizable tune has also been used in movie trailers for Sunshine and Lord of the Rings The Two Towers.
Use this video to learn how to play Requiem for a Dream on the violin. Watch the numbers slide down the strings and play the note when it gets to the line at the bottom. uses violin games to help people learn how to play violin online through easy fun online violin lessons. The String Club provides easy free music lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced violin players.


  1. I’m a beginner and I was able to master this in 2 weeks in was easier than
    I thought the way u have it it is better than sheet music

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