How To Take Violin/Fiddle Lessons Online Via Skype For Intermediate And Advanced Violin Students

How To Take Violin/Fiddle Lessons Online Via Skype For Intermediate And Advanced Violin Students
How to take violin/fiddle lessons online via Skype for intermediate and advanced violin students. I am teaching classical violin or country fiddle lessons via skype online to intermediate and advanced violin or fiddle students. You can visit to find more information. This video describes some of the benefits of taking violin lessons online via Skype and shows some of my qualifications to offer this method of teaching.
Violin lessons online can be very beneficial to both intermediate and advanced violin students if they can’t find a teacher in their area or if where they live is too far from a major city where they can get private lessons.

Most intermediate and advanced violin students could benefit from having a qualified, dedicated teacher who has years of experience in teaching Skype violin lessons online and who understands the technology as well as having the credentials as a professional violinist/fiddler.
The ability to interact and teach violin/fiddle lessons online via Skype means that anyone with a decent computer and internet connection can receive some of the best training that they can get from a person who has had some of the finest instruction from excellent teachers.
When you learn from someone that has been taught by a teacher with a Doctorate in Music from the Paris Conservatory and from teachers whose students have gone to Juilliard School of Music, you can tap into some fantastic knowledge about the art of violin playing.

When your teacher is computer savvy and knows how to offer the best Skype violin lessons online experience then you have a very good chance of improving your violin playing if you are an intermediate and advanced violin/fiddle student.

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  1. Right on Dave. Great to see this. I might have to take you up on this, once
    I consider myself to be intermediate. Keep in touch. Cant wait to see you

  2. Thanks for the nice and helpful comments. I’ll try and keep the videos
    coming with great content and information. Will post a video about using
    Google Hangouts on Air for automatically recording online lessons.

  3. What is the best platform to use for taking online lessons. I guess that
    Skype works well but do you need a gmail account to use Google plus or a
    Facebook account to use FaceTime.

  4. Love the violin but no time right now for any lessons. Your music is great
    by the way and I’ll share this video with some of my friends that might
    need your help.

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