Intermediate Advanced Level Violin Lesson

Intermediate Advanced Level Violin Lesson
Sara and Michael run through a great lesson, starting with the F Major scale for violin. Focus on posture, pacing and vibrato.


  1. No offense to teacher or student, but I can’t learn an instrument in this
    way. Its just boring to repeat a scale over and over to a metronome, in a
    dirge-like fashion.

    I’m self-taught, but I like to make my practice sessions fun and
    interesting. I think its better to improvise around a scale, rather than
    simply learn a scale pattern.

  2. oh god I’m joining orchestra intermediate this year in highschool
    first time but been playing violin for like 3 years though 😭😭😐

  3. I want to become a member how do I pay and stuff because I really have
    loved your videos over the years and I have extremely improved because of

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