Intermediate Curriculum

Intermediate Curriculum
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  1. thanks Joy for yet another informative video,
    could you give us some specific, very typical pieces for intermediate level (lower intermediate, higher intermediate, so and so) technique-wise and speed-wise. I heard that Canadian system has such a list of repertoire for different levels.
    Btw, congrats for 2k subscribers!

  2. Wow Joy! 2000 subscribers! congratulations! 🙂 I found your channel a year and a half ago and you had around 216 subscribers and you made a video to answer my question on Vivaldi’s A minor concerto. I’ve been watching your videos ever since! Back then, I could barely play Happy Birthday and now I’m halfway through Vivaldi’s Summer, so thank you Joy. 🙂

  3. I was interested to hear that I fall into the intermediate category of violinist. I’m like many who haven’t had a single private lesson. There are pluses to not being classically trained, and vice versa. However, some musicians have said I come across as very technical. My current practice routine is awful, and I don’t know what I should be learning. Also, much encumbered by learning several instruments at the same time. I see that “what to learn” has been answered in another comment.

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