Intermediate Violin Tutorial | Say You Won’t Let Go | James Arthur | Pt 1

Intermediate Violin Tutorial | Say You Won’t Let Go | James Arthur | Pt 1
Learn how to play “Say You Won’t Let Go” by James Arthur on your violin! This video is for intermediate violin players who want to play just like James Arthur sings this song. All the sweet curls and riffs on your violin, just like his vocals! I follow the lyrics and show you what fingerings and what positions to use on your violin. Much of the instruction involves note by note instruction!

I also show you how to practice the tricky spots on your violin so you will be learning violin technique as you learn how to play “Say You Won’t Let Go”.

Some of the topics that come up in this violin tutorial include:
B flat Major, 2 octave scale
Finger placement on each string
Whole steps and half steps
No open Es in this piece
2nd position, B flat scale on G and D
Relationships of fingers on the violin fingerboard
Using lyrics to find notes and rhythms
Where to slur and hook notes together
Where to start up bow for pick up notes
Where to shift to 3rd position, how to do it, and why
Efficient violin fingerings
Which finger does the shift
Use of harmonic on D, how to do it
Violin unit practice
Finding the technique in your favorite songs
How to avoid clunky string crossings
Using slides
Grace notes
Holding fingers down as ‘anchors’ in 3rd position
Use of fingerings that help you avoid string crossings
Matching pitches with open strings

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This tutorial was requested by and is dedicated to nimrod98. If you would like me to create a violin tutorial on your favorite song or a questions about violin playing feel free to comment any video on my channel, or send me an email at

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