Learn How To Play Faded Love On The Fiddle – Intermediate Level – Fiddle Friday’s!

Today on Fiddle Friday’s we learn how to play the song Faded Love! This great song is a classic fiddle tune that comes up in Alabama lyrics as well as many other country/bluegrass songs out there. The song has some more intermediate techniques and recommended to a fiddle player with more experience. Tune in next week for another great song learned on Fiddle Friday’s! –

Michael Sanchez is CEO and creator of Violin Tutor Pro which he developed in March of 2009. His instrument abilities include the violin, viola, fiddle, mandolin and piano. He has been playing classical violin for over 20 years, and has been teaching in his private studio for almost 10 years. Michael currently dedicates much of his time to teaching, and also performs the violin in various special events and weddings. He is currently managing over 50 private students at his hometown in Grand Rapids, MI (United States), teaching the violin, viola and fiddle. Michael has a very popular YouTube channel where he has thousands of subscribers and millions of viewers. He provides a fun interactive approach to his lessons and as of late has been teaching a lot of new classes on the interactive platform Google Hangout. Michael is also the CEO of Superior Violins which is a violin merchandise E-commerce platform. Michael plans on expanding this into a chain of stores in the future focusing on the string instruments market.


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