Violin Lesson – Advanced Approach To Violin Shifting – Part 1

Violin Lesson – Advanced Approach To Violin Shifting – Part 1

In this video, Prof. Fitzpatrick approaches shifting with very interesting and unique insights you may not hear often in regular violin instruction.

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  1. Dear Prof. Fitzpatrick,

    Thank you for this video (for me it was a new approach).
    The problem I have is that my fluent motion of my Left hand is disturbed
    when I have to turn my left hand for the high positions. I can move very
    freely into the lower positions but when I have to go to 6th position
    suddenly, I all of a sudden turn my left hand but it does not happen
    fluently, the thumb does not feel comfortable anymore. It helps when I
    press more with my head on the chinrest but I am told this is not good. In
    fact I should be able to play from low to high without shoulderrest and
    without pressing the chinrest, only when I go down, I can press a little
    bit with my chin to prevent my violin of going down with my left hand.

    What do you think?

  2. I loved this video, thank you so much! I loved the introductory and
    concluding music, so my only question is what was the title of that piece
    if you know? Thank you again.

  3. I’ve been playing violin four 6 years but haven’t played for about 3 years
    what level should i start at since I’m beginning to play again 

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