Heifetz Masterclass 3 – Violin

Heifetz Masterclass 3 – Violin
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  1. some of his students were inspired by Heifetz. some had more of a rocky road, as i learned from someone who was in his class for a few months in the early 1970’s.

  2. Now Cara, don’t say such a thing. I feel certain that it was not so, but I cannot vouch for who might be Jewish just by looking!
    Friedman, who I actually toured with was, of course, Jewish. And many of us believe that Heifetz did him more harm than good.

  3. Heifetz did Friedman a lot of harm especially over not wanting him to enter the Tchaikovsky competition and then berating him after he got stitched up, saying Friedman did not respect him etc. It took a lot out of Friedman, but Heifetz was a nasty piece of work. He was a bitch and a prima donna if he did not get completely his own way. People commenting here about what a great guy Heifetz is, do not know anything. It’s quite sad really.

  4. It’s in Freidman’s memoirs. How Heifetz treated him, and what happened when he didn’t get his own way. He would also dismiss pupils for very small things that annoyed him, even though they were excellent players. He was a control freak and had to have everything how he wanted. Not to say he wasn’t a fine player but he was primma donna with a lot of baggage.

  5. There is a radio interview of Friedman on youtube for Heifetz’s 100th birthday, it doesn’t give the impression that he didn’t like him. Quite the opposite actually

  6. Go and read through all Freidman’s memoirs and discussion of his relationship with Friedman – they are on the web in various places. People can make a radio programme sound how they want by selecting clips to make it all warm and fuzzy. Yes Freidman had a great “love affair” with Heifetz especially initially but there was a very sour side later on especially after the Russian Violin competition and what followed.

  7. @Michael Ayres: The work at 20:57 is the second movement from Bach’s Concerto in D minor for 2 violins.  It’s a work that Heifetz and Freidman played together on many occasions.

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