Masterclass On Meditation From Thais With Roy Sonne

Masterclass On Meditation From Thais With Roy Sonne
Roy Sonne demonstrates how to deliver an intensely singing and compelling performance of the Meditation from Thais. Tips and strategies for phrasing, tone quality, variety and color. For more like this:


  1. Thanks You, Mr. Sonne, your clip help me a lot to bring this anglic music to help life.  Wish God bless you for your kindness!

  2. I love you Roy Somme-your immense character and colourful annunciation (that may be an Easter thing but you know what I mean) are so reassuring as I embark upon the terror that is the third position! I am in Sydney but it is August here for me-August in Noo Yoik-my violin teacher has gone away (you know like in a Woody Allan movie when the therapist goes way in August…) thank you so much Roy

  3. I have attained a level of expert amateurishness with Thais, progressing enough to have become lazy with it and learning a lot in the process-like continuous vibrato (of a sort). I joined Violin Lab and saw that you have some videos on it Roy-it was a happy surprise to see your happy face! I know this is a massive ask (as we say down here where we hang round upside down like bats) but is there any chance you could do Vivaldi-Summer-Allegro Non Molto…?

  4. Hi Roy Sonne. Could you please do a video explaining how to play Preludium and Allegro from Kriesler, when you have time? Thank you. Best wishes.

  5. The piece is great. But I’m 12 and I would like to learn how to move your finger like give it a humming sound while going down and up with the bow

  6. dear Roy sonne i am buying the musce meditation de Thais i would love you could email the notes to play the does it start of with a string i will give my email addresses Joan Margaret Joan 2016 i want to learn this piece for to go Brit ant got talent excuse my spelling i did have a tachear all he wanted was my money i so want to get back to my musce i would be gratefull thank you

  7. Mr. Sonne  What is the starting tempo that you are using and if you know what is the metronome setting used on music-1 cd?  (As I found the Music Minus One cd but no accompanying notes on the music)

  8. Roy,Is it permissible in measure 15 to play downbow f# upbow slur d#=4 b=4 f#=1 d#=3 ; measure 16 downbow a=3 (V pos.) upbow slur b=2 e=2 b=1 g=3 downbow f#  etc.  In other words using the same finger on the first two slurs?

  9. If 36 begins with a down bow, how about a slur from g-bb to end up with a down bow on 37; and what bowing in 39 to end up with a down bow  on 40?  Or get the bow reversed in the measures preceding 39?

  10. Mr. Sonne,Are you saying to go up on the g string for the 1st note harmonic of 17 instead of the d sting natural harmonic?  or just the preceding measureRay

  11. Master Somme, your lovely knowing brown eyes staring warmly at me do more than anything for my playing. As soon as I come back to this video my playing improves radically because I am suddenly relaxed and filled with the power and pleasure! Thank you a million times for your time and energy in making these videos. It is so generous.

  12. Roy, Roy, Roy my boy!!! LOL  Thanks so very much for such a simple beautiful lesson of this piece which I dearly love.  God bless and Shalome!!

  13. I love the acoustics of your voice man, I’m still at suzuki book 2 and I already want to play piece like this! thanks for this class sir 😀

  14. Dear Professor Sonne – I wsh I could play the violin like you with such love – you are smashing. Love Domini – London England

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