My Master Class With Julia Fischer

My Master Class With Julia Fischer
Brianna Leary, violin
Thanks for watching! This is a master class with Julia Fischer; Princeton University; February 2012; Brahms Violin Concerto; Wow! What an experience! Thrilled and honored! She is a great teacher and such a nice person! Thank you, Julia!

Please see my original violin sonata, written for my junior project, here:

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  1. Please, could you tell me which is the book that she mention about min 13:00? Thanks for uploading this, and congratulations for your Brahms 🙂

  2. If I was being taught by Julia Fischer I honestly would have a hard time focusing on the music I’d be looking at her face the whole time lol i would be so nervous

  3. Umm… all I meant by my comment was that Julia Fischer is beautiful so if I was having a masterclass with her it would be hard for me to focus cause she’s so pretty haha. Aside from all that, yes, of course. Julia Fischer plays exceptionally and is an excellent violinist, I agree with that much.

  4. You are sooooooooo lucky to be taught by Julia!!!! she is my idol because i also play the violin. this is such an amazing honor!!!

  5. It is a great video, and a dream lesson from my best violinist Julia! Would like to see you playing again after the class!
    Now could you tell me what was the violin technique book that Julia mentioned ? I could not understand well.
    Thanks again, Bruno

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