Staccato is a sequence of fast martelé strokes in the same bow direction.

3 motions that are available are:
Rotation of forearm
Tremolo motion in wrist
Pinching the bow between index finger and thumb


  1. My “light bulb” moment came after a couple of days of intensive trial and error when I realised that the sound actually came from the single upbow motion, broken up into note intervals by the pressure applied by the fingers, acting as kind of brakes, rather than by consciously stringing together a successive series of notes each created by a push if the bow forward with the fingers…the teacher on this vid is absolutely right you don’t need any pressure or tensing up of the right hand, or gor tgat matter, right arm or fingers…everything’s in a totally relaxed state. Don’t know if this helps or makes sense …from a 30 year returnee to the violin 😊

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