Vengerov: How To Play The Violin Like Mozart

Vengerov: How To Play The Violin Like Mozart
Maxim Vengerov’s masterclass on Mozart’s Violin Concerto No.3 at the Royal Academy of Music. In this clip, Vengerov teaches the student how to imagine herself as the youthful, precocious Mozart while playing the piece. The full 48-minute class is available at our download store URL & DVD store

(Student: Mártha Déak)

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The mission is to give both music students and music lovers the chance to benefit from the inspired teaching of great musicians and to create an important archive for future generations.

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  1. Wow this was my recital concerto and a few auditions.    I think  . Or was it another Mozart concerto.  I think Wm de Pasquale worked it with me as my teacher then.  I was likely his worst student ever.   But I got to learn a few good things when it came to playing Mozart.  He was an expert and very exacting , Mr. de Pasquale and me , an absolute clutze  .  I played this thing , possibly at my senior recital, and the teacher didn’t show up.  Thank God.   I heard the recording with the mike held too near me , because the hired accompanist really wanted his playing to be heard.  Oh snap.   I sounded awful, and cried when I first played the reel to reel version over the headphones.  Now days , musicians are smart and use technology as well as lots’ of practice and discipline.  When you play, you don’t hear yourself like other do in your head.  So now , students study with a small but good quality tape recorder .  And play back the results.  Its intimidating and rough on you, but at least this is not in public.  So as you play and listen again, you adjust until the recording sounds more like you would have others hear.  I wish I thought of that , and had the right equipment and discipline to follow through.   

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