Vengerov: Mendelssohn (Concerto) – ‘Don’t Lose The Contact’

Vengerov: Mendelssohn (Concerto) – ‘Don’t Lose The Contact’
Maxim Vengerov demonstrates the importance of bow and violin contact in this masterclass on the 1st movement of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto, recorded at London’s Royal Academy of Music. The full 51-minute class is available at to buy here:
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(Student: Maria Oldak)

The Masterclass Media Foundation films and records world-class musicians giving masterclasses and teaching students. The mission is both to give music students and other music lovers the chance to benefit from the inspired teaching of great musicians and to create an important archive for future generations.

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  1. i’m sorry,but she seems a little annoyed by his advances.i’d give anything
    to have a masterclass with this genuis and i’d do anything he’d tell me.

  2. What I don’t understand is how a student at the Royal Academy can reach
    such a level with obvious technical faults that haven’t been corrected. For
    example her neck seems tense, her left shoulder is hunched and her left
    elbow is far too far under the violin. Look what happens when she relaxes
    ad 0:25. Advanced Russian students seem to have a more natural and relaxed
    technique. I guess there’s a reason why the UK produces so few world-class
    string performers…

  3. He really is gifted! Not only musically but also in terms of getting
    through to people. He just broke down that awful wall she put up and
    changed her attitude. That was quite something.

  4. talented! lol we must recognize that the violin is frusciante habeces
    happens to me! and it’s like you throw a bucket of cold water!

  5. She needs to stfu and listen we he’s trying to show her how its done…I’m
    sure he was getting seriously annoyed.

  6. He also sings wonderful! I did´nt knew! for me he is one of the
    estonnishing violinists ever 🙂 And the little student 😉 does not
    understand, what he means and feels…pity.

  7. Her phrasing was the problem. It sounds like she was just playing the
    notes, not really a singing tone like he was trying to get her to
    understand. That ties in to the bowing issue.

  8. Russians had very thorough understanding of the instrument and the ways to
    play the instrument. Don’t think the American school or the English have
    that kind of comprehension yet. Just compare the students and you will see
    the differences 

  9. Why all these negative reactions? I think many people would be willing to
    do everything to play as beautiful as this student! Maybe she was really
    enthusiastic and wanted to try it right away. And I guess it’s quite scary
    to play violin in front of Vengerov, you have to take that into account. 

  10. She needs to stop playing and listen with Mr. Vengerov is speaking. Thats
    extremely rude and disrespectful. If I had a masterclass with him I would
    treat his words like it was coming from God

  11. Why is that every one of this Masterclass series I see comments about how
    bad the student is.
    Oh youtube comment section…it’s just like how some wonderful concert
    videos have comments about how this violinist has no emotion or don’t feel
    the music…

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