Violin Intonation: Christian Tetzlaff Workshop Coaching

Violin Intonation: Christian Tetzlaff Workshop Coaching
Christian Tetzlaff coaches violinist Byol Kang and pianist Boris Kusnezow on the final movement of Brahms’ Violin Sonata No. 2 in A Major, Opus 100.

Internationally renowned violinist Christian Tetzlaff, led a multi-day workshop focusing on the solo violin and piano repertoire of Bach and violin sonatas of Brahms and Schumann. The workshop culminated in two recitals performed by the six participating young artists in Weill Recital Hall on May 4 and 5, 2011.

Go behind the scenes of this Professional Training Workshop and watch Christian Tetzlaff bring out the best in our three talented young violin/piano duos as they perform and discuss the sonatas of Schumann and Brahms.


  1. I’ve never seen a Master Class where the instructor keeps the pianist to
    task so diligently! This guy (whom I’ve never heard of) is on his music!
    Does he play piano as well?

  2. The title in this video was “violin intonation”.
    And i see quite a few youtubes on this page about intonation.
    I haven’t watched them yet, this is the first.
    But I found nothing more appropriate regarding intonation, than very much
    patient practice, slowly. Slow enough to correct any missfires.
    Obviously this is true for a person with a clear inner ear. If you don’t
    have that absolutely spot on, then i don’t know how a person would ever
    have perfect intonation.
    (Thorough practice of Sevcick phrases is a great way).

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