Yehudi Menuhin Violin Tutorial – 3. Left Hand First Exercises

Yehudi Menuhin Violin Tutorial – 3. Left Hand First Exercises
Six Lessons with Yehudi Menuhin, the best series of violin video tutorials on technique I’ve seen. A must see for violinists of all levels.

Forgive the quality, it is an old BBC programme.


  1. Maestro Menuhin was a brilliant musician and intellect ( I have heard him and met him), however, much of what he is advocating here is nonsense. The gaping hole between the base of the index finger and the neck of the violin is precisely what causes tention. The base of that finger touching very lightly (there is a difference between tense gripping and grazing contact) and only releasing to allow for vibrato is much more natural. I have heard students who play with Menuhin’s approach and they all have difficulty with intonation when shifting down for higher positions. The neck of the violin, when lightly touched, serves as a kind of guide or handrail. Despite what the Maestro says, he never appeared free when playing the violin. If you want to see freedom, observe Milstein, Perlman, or Zukerman.

  2. I cant rest my violin solely on my thumb, especially when playing G string, i have to make some crazy angles with my shoulder and elbow to get that??? its also resting on the side of my hand (next to index finger)

  3. i learned a couple days ago that chin rests only make my neck hurt and put it in an awkward position and inhibit my playing. since i removed my chin rests, i’ve been clearer, and quicker. but i personally need a shoulder rest. my chin just sort of fits on the top of the violin very nicely its rather comfortable. you can feel it vibrate, and i’m super happy about it.

  4. I’ve tried to make these exercises with the thumb and the violin neck and it doesn’t work, my the violin neck slips off of the thumb.

  5. Hello, I’m Brazilian and I do not speak English. This text was done in the google translator. I have a request to make. youtube has a caption that you can correct the English generated automatically, this legend ends up having some errors and when I put the caption to see this sequence of videos of Menuhim has many items that I do not understand. I do not know if you know how to do this correction it is done like this:
    1- Enter the study of creation;
    2- click on edit video:
    3- click on subtitles / CC
    4- click in automatic English;
    5- Click edit.

    Wow, I know it gives a lot of work, but if you correct the automatic caption this way, these Menuhim classes will be easily translated into any language, not just Portuguese, but in all languages, and we who do not know English will have access to those menu concepts that are so important.
    thank you,

  6. This is the most detailed video on how to use the left hand and arm for violin students. The thing that strikes me most is that he is not using, or even mentioning the use of shoulder rests. It was common to not use them in his heyday. I have two daughters that have played violin. The elder has wide and square shoulders and did not use anymore than a small sponge, the younger has narrow and more sloping shoulders and she needs a proper shoulder rest, (which is the norm these days). All of her teachers, (appx 6), have used them. The question is: Does some of the given advice here not relate to shoulder rest users?

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