17 Violin Practice Tips That Will Instantly Save You Time And Skyrocket Your Progress

17 Violin Practice Tips That Will Instantly Save You Time And Skyrocket Your Progress
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Michael O’Gieblyn from ViolinExcerpts.com shares with you 17 ways to get more out of your limited practice time, and how to have fun doing it.

1:17 Number 17
3:45 Number 16
4:48 Number 15
6:21 Number 14
7:29 Number 13
8:57 Number 12
10:41 Number 11
11:41 Number 10
13:08 Number 9
14:12 Number 8 Part 1
15:25 Number 8 Part 2
16:21 Number 7
17:19 Number 6
18:43 Number 5
19:50 Number 4
21:05 Number 3 (Things get a little crazy here)
23:04 Number 2
26:03 The Number One Way to Save Time Practicing…..

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  1. I dont know how many times I have re-watched this video. There are so many good tips in it!
    What would help me a lot (since I certainly will watch it again in the future), is if you could include the names of the tips in the video description so I dont have to click through all 17 tips just to find the one I need.
    Thanks again!

  2. One tip that will instantly skyrocket your video in popularity: make your videos something more than mumbled words and fuzzy images – invest in some quality video/sound equipment and find someone to operate them. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars to create a professional quality video to match your musical professionalism.

    I don’t mean to be rude, insulting, or to ridicule, but I am amazed at all the wonderfully talented professional musicians that post these poor quality videos and think their musical talent makes up for the poor choices in equipment and screen writing. I suppose it would be excusable if advertising was not stuck in there, but not when pretending to be something you’re not. Thumbs down.

  3. sorry sir,but i dont know the notes at 2:34,i know notes but there are diyez and bemols so how do i put my fingers

  4. I never seen rosin all over the violin like the beginner kit I just got in. white stuff cover the wood after playing some. Cheap rosin that came with it?

  5. I need real technique videos as I didn’t get that. So, like bowing smoothly and vibrato. Any videos on that?

  6. I’ve been playing for 9 years, but I feel like you wouldn’t even know 🙁 I’m not bad, but I’m not like professional either. I wanna master it

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