5. Learn How To Play The Violin For Beginners: Use All 4 Strings

5. Learn How To Play The Violin For Beginners: Use All 4 Strings
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How to play a violin for beginners! Hi, Inge here. In this video you will learn to use all four strings for the first time. I show how to position your arm and bow for the different strings. Remember to subscribe to this channel for more violin lessons for beginners!

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  1. please upload your next video…im exited to learn violin…i want to know how to read notes…please…your such a good teacher!

  2. @Playsforpineapples Thanks, You push down on the note but also pull otherwise you get a scratchy sound. Prentend you are rubbing and when going up you are pushing.

  3. im just learning how to play the violin. I have a large background with playing many other instruments so in some parts the lessons seam a bit slow, but i have never touched a violin and the videos help tremendously! Thank you for all the help!

  4. MAM, you are as well my teacher too…
    so i have one real request for you PLEASE CAN YOU MAKE ONE TUTORIAL FOR “he is pirate”(Pirates of Caribbean).With Detail elaboration and all .
    by miss words i apologize you if i said somthin wronggg !
    MAM i am reallyy new to violin player but still working with your tutorials.

    MAM m heartily waiting for that tutorial as soon as possible cause i am thinkin to recite that into my gathering in college.

  5. Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately I cannot make a tutorial on “he is pirate”at the moment. It takes time to make a video like that and I cannot promise that I will have that time available in the near future. Hope you manage to learn it somewhere.

  6. Its a pleasure and thanks for the comment. Keep on practising and I’m sure it will get better. Please join my website to receive news about tips and videos etc.

  7. Oh thank you so much for these videos. I don’t even own a violin and have never learned any music. Would you be able to advice me on what are some of the basic things that I need to consider to buy a cheap violin to begin with? Thanks!

  8. thankyou! 😀 um may I ask, whats wrong with my violin coz it sounds weird and one of my friend whos in Band says that my violin has something wrong and she tried to use a tuner on my violin and my biolin doesn’t show the correct tune..

  9. I have my first Violin ordered and on it’s way to me,,,IM very excited, and sure to see your video’s more in the near future 🙂
    Thank you.

  10. Have you guys heard of Teacher Michael Sanchez ?
    He has lot of videos on YouTube and I just started watching some of his lessons.
    It is taking me all day just to get through them all as he has tons of content and information on each of the lessons.
    To find him go to Google and type in ” Violin Tutor Pro ”
    I am really looking forward to go through his videos and learn more about violin.

  11. this is crap you are just saying words and playing the rithem of it on a violin, you may as well just do that without sounding like an idiot and simply play actual music

  12. Appreciate Video cIip! ApoIogies for the intrusion, l wouId Iove your thoughts. Have you heard the taIk about – Riddleagan Master Violinist Remedy (search on googIe)? lt is a good one off product for pIaying vioIin Iike a master without the headache. lve heard some decent things about it and my cousin got astronomicaI success with it.

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